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Storypillar? What's That?

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Storypillar is...

Storypillar is a podcast for kids and their grownups. Together with Sneak, Bean, and Meg, we’ll tackle the sticky situations kids face as they grow and change. To guide us, we’ll explore stories from all over the world and pick up advice from our listeners along the way.
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What's with the Name?

Sneak, one of the co-hosts, is a caterpillar who loves stories. 

It’s also drawn from the parallel between caterpillars, stories, and kids: they all start off small, then grow and change into something new and incredible.

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How Does it Work?


    1. Say Hey! We’ll check in to see what sticky situation we’re tackling this week. 

    ​2. Blast Off! We’ll use our imaginations to travel somewhere in the world and hear a story about someone navigating a similar situation. 


Episodes go live every other Monday at 5:00 am. In each episode, we’ll do three things: 

3. Unstick Trick! We’ll reflect on the story and get advice from a listener.

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Why Should My Kids (and I) Listen?

 This is a podcast for kids (and grownups) who…

  1. Need a space to process feelings and questions that arise as they learn, grow, and interact with the people around them. 

  2. Yearn to feel confident, in control, and capable in tricky social situations.

3. Like good stories and using their imagination.

4. Like learning about new places and perspectives.

5. Like laughing and being silly.

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